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Motor Insurance (also known as Vehicle Insurance, auto insurance,
car insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks and other vehicles.
It is primarily use to provide protection against losses incurred as a result
of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident.

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The Smartest Way to Save Cost is to get your Insurance
Quotations before Renewing

- Auto renew your insurance without asking for a second quotes!
- Pen down with Insurer without making comparison!

We Provide the Best Possible Lowest Rate for Renewal

Prices of insurance policies range widely, depending on
- Make and model of your car
- Your profile (i.e age, gender, driving experience, occupation and claim history)
- Insurance Company

Different Insurers would have different risk assessment and may favour certain profile.
Our experience enable us to advise you which Insurance Company best match your profile.
We will source for you a few quotations from different insurers and get the Best Possible
Lowest Insurance Quotation for you.

We Provide Value Added Services

- Free competitive quotations upon request (Easy-to-understand quotation)
- Doorstep documentation (We can collect your application and deliver insurance certificate
at your door step)
- Collect and renew your Road Tax on your behalf
- 0% interest Installment payment for your insurance premium with OCBC, DBS, POSB, UOB.

We Provide After Sales Services

- If you need professional advice, towing service or other assistance, call 24- Hour Hotline 65533160
- Upon next renewal, we will outsource the best comparative quotation for you again before renewing
your insurance.


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