Motor Insurance protects you against financial damages or losses that may arise from a motor accident.
Besides the fact that it is against the law in Singapore to drive a motor vehicle without a valid insurance policy to cover third party bodily injury, motor insurance makes good sense as it gives you protection against financial damages or losses that may arise from a motor accident.
It covers you for personal injury that you may cause to third parties, and can cover your costs if you damage someone else's property. It can also cover any other loss or damage that you may suffer in a motor accident.
- General Insurance Association (GIA)

The first rule to saving costs is to compare multiple motor insurance quotations as different insurers weighs your personal details differently, meaning they will all quote you different prices!

We also provide value added services such as:
• Free competitive quotations upon request (easy-to-understand quotations)
• Collect and renew your Road Tax on your behalf
• 0% interest installment for your insurance premium with CitiBank, DBS and UOB credit cards

Travel Insurance has become essential to safeguard one against unforeseen circumstances when travelling overseas.
It provides you with peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances which result in any possible losses before, during and even after an overseas trip.
Unforeseen circumstances include cancellation of trip due to serious illness, accidental injury, high medical bills, travel disruption, loss of personal belongings and personal liability.
- General Insurance Association (GIA)